Ahoy, Matey! Are you ready for your pirate adventure?

Manage your band of swashbucklers, build a powerful fleet, and amass the greatest pirate treasure! Take your ships through the seven seas, set a new base in a new Caribbean island, and explore where you will build your piracy empire!

Explore the Amazing Features!

Manage your Hideouts

Your hideouts are your safe haven, where you manage and upgrade your fleet, recruit captains, boost morale, collect treasures, and set sail to battle! Make appropriate decisions to carefully craft your way to other hideouts and expand your empire!

Command and Conquer

Battle formation ready! Think strategically and use the correct types of ships with their wide range of stats, the right battle formations, and suitable captains with their diverse set of skills, to outsmart and defeat enemy fleets in battle. Take the spoils of war and use it to expand your dominance across the seven seas!

Aye Aye Captain!

Acquire captains with different set of skills from their quarters in your hideouts to use in battles, giving you the upper hand. Assign them to various types of ships depending on their abilities. Acquire more and upgrade them to dominate your enemies!

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